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Boat Servicing Gold Coast


Boats are subjected to wear and tear always in the daily operations. Boats operate in a salty environment, rough sea, heavy engine load and more, all these conditions that boats are subjected to can take a toll on your boat and its components. That is why regular maintenance on boats are inevitable. Sometimes it is hard for motorboat operator to find time for regular checkups and maintenance, the reason why sometimes a boat may fail to operate in the middle of the sea, ocean or a lake. Without boat repair specialist who can spring up to respond to such emergencies, it means doom or havoc to the onboard and the crew. Luckily some guys specialise in board maintenance and can respond to any situations whether afloat or ashore needs no matter what the time of day it is. But they offer these services at an affordable fee.

How to do maintenance on your boat

1. Wash the body regularly

Suppose your boat operates in salt water which is the case for many boats, it needs thorough washing with fresh water and detergent to wipe out salt residue to prevent your boat from rust. You will find boat cleaning detergents and sprayers from the relevant shops. They will do you good by protecting your boats finishing.

2. Change your boat engine oil regularly

For the case of engine oil, it is important to change the oil after stipulated mileage covered by your board. This will take care of your engine so that it can last for a long time before major services and repairs. The rule of thumb that takes the toll here is to change the oil after every one hundred hours of operation or at least change the oil once a year. It is favourable if you can monitor the mileage covered by the boat before changing the oil.

3. Check the propellers

Before you swing into action every day, ensure to check the propellers if they are still in shape, if there are any bent, make sure to align them in position. This is an exercise you should do daily before riding the boat. Make sure the discarded fishing line is not wrapped around the propeller shaft, it this has happened, consult the service engineer because that is not a DIY thing.

4. Grease propeller shaft regularly

Greasing your propeller shaft will reduce wear and tear and tighten it off to the manufacturer’s standards; you can add a new cotter pin for boats with an outboard.

What to do before purchasing a second-hand boat

Before deciding to buy a second-hand boat, you need to seek consultation from a qualified motorboat servicing engineer. He will be handy in determining the price by first pinpointing the major repairs the boat requires so that they can be factored in when giving a quote. It will be better if the owner of the boat agrees to do those major repairs themselves and if not, make sure to the fact in the cost of doing those repairs when you offer your first quote.

After agreeing on the price, you need to take a sea test on the boat with your motorboat servicing engineer, and something else might come up, you never know. Then after that, perform an overhaul servicing of the boat to be sure about the boat’s safety.

Maintaining a boat is no easy feat and it is not meant to be a DIY project. Pro Yacht offer boat servicing in Gold Coast. Give them a call so that a professional can keep your boat in top shape.

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