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Built-in Barbecues


Outdoor built-in barbecues have become more popularised in recent years. From elaborate full outdoor kitchens complete with sinks to a simple grill stove top outdoor barbecues are the go-to choice for many Australians for outdoor entertaining. When making the choice for outdoor grilling options it always comes down to freestanding barbecues vs. built-in barbecues. Below are the pros and cons of the built-in barbecue.

Pros to a Built-in

There are many reasons to install a built-in barbecue instead of using a portable or freestanding one.

  1. Open flames
    • A built-in barbecue allows you to cook over open flames without adding any additional safety measures such as ventilation hoods, etc. The ability to cook over open flames gives the cook more versatility in flavour combinations and types of food from steaks to tandoori.
  2. Entertaining
    • If you have a large family or love entertaining a built-in barbecue may be the solution. A free standing barbecue is great for small numbers but if you need to put out a good amount of food or a large variety of food for friends and family a built-in barbecue may be the better choice.
  3. Energy Saver
    • In the summertime cooking outside will save you money on your air conditioning bills. Taking the heat of cooking outside keeps your house cooler overall.
  4. Landscaping
    • One last benefit to a built-in barbecue is the ability to design your backyard and landscaping around a feature element. Installed outdoor kitchens anchor a space and can be an impressive feature in any garden.


Cons to a Built-in

Just as there are benefits to a built-in barbecue, there are also definite drawbacks to consider. Below are a few worth pondering before taking the plunge.

  1. Lack of Flexibility
    • Of course, with a built-in barbecue, there is very little room for flexibility in the layout of your garden once installed. With a free-standing barbecue it can be moved around as needed for space and storage.
  2. Expensive installation
    • Of course one of the biggest cons to a built-in barbecue is the amount of money it takes to install one. A free-standing grill is much cheaper overall.
  3. Space
    • A built-in barbecue takes up a lot of space in the garden. If your outdoor space is limited a built-in may not be the best choice for you.
  4. Winter
    • Once winter hits if you’re in an area with drastic seasonal temperature differences committing to a large outdoor entertainment space solely for a built-in barbecue may not be the best choice for you.

A barbecue could be a great addition to any outdoor space. There are many factors to consider before installing a built-in barbecue vs. purchasing a free-standing barbecue.

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