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Pontoon Fenders- Choosing the right kind of boar fenders


Boat fenders are a crucial piece of equipment. These offer complete protection to any water vessel. While your boat is an expensive commodity, fenders are pretty economical. Common sense says to protect your investment at all costs. Fenders help do just that. These can actually help keep your expensive boats secure.

However, it’s necessary that you buy fenders in the right size and number. This would allow you to use these properly. Is always better to have more fenders then less.

Using a boat means that you have to be wary of all sort of mooring conditions. You may need tore the boot during a hurricane or during extremely rainy weather. Fenders help keep your boat protected during these instances.

Different kind of pontoon fenders

Different fenders are available for a variety of pontoons. If the vessel is smaller and lighter sausage shaped fenders are a good option. While round fenders or cylindrical fenders are better for larger and heavier vessels.

Cylindrical fenders can be hung both vertically and horizontally. There a single knot which passes through the middle in figure eight knots. When the boat is to be moored against the docks, it’s better to hand the fender in a vertical position.

On the other hand if you want to protect your boat from protruding structures it’s better to hang the fenders horizontally. This can help prevent damage from pilings and can prevent roll offs.

There are fenders which are designed for specific purposes. These include the following kinds:

  • For people whose pontoons have a low freeboard, there are proper fenders which can help prevent the rub rails of the boats from suffering any sort of damage.
  • Transom fenders on the other hand protect the swimming platform of the boat or the stern of a sail boat.
  • Fender cushions can help protect the boat to quite an extent.

Investing in fenders doesn’t require a great deal of cash. Buying the right fender for your boat can help you save a great deal in the long run. You wouldn’t actually have to worry about the pontoon suffering any kind of damage.


Things to keep in mind when choosing pontoon fenders

There are three things to consider when buying pontoon fenders. These include the weight of the boat. The bigger and heavier the boat the more fenders it would require. The length of the boat and the mooring conditions are to be taken into account as well. If you are always at sea and even during weather which others might consider risky you do need fenders to help protect your bot especially if you moor during an emergency condition.

Cylindrical fenders should have a one inch diameter, round fenders should have two inches. So if a boat is less than ten feet in size it would do well with three cylindrical fenders on the other hand a larger boat would require more fenders based on its actual size.

In order to ensure that the fenders do their job right it is necessary to suspend them in the right manner. Either vertically or horizontally is based on the requirement of the boat or pontoon.

Find out more about pontoon fendersaas by conducting research on the internet and by asking experts.


Boat Servicing Gold Coast


Boats are subjected to wear and tear always in the daily operations. Boats operate in a salty environment, rough sea, heavy engine load and more, all these conditions that boats are subjected to can take a toll on your boat and its components. That is why regular maintenance on boats are inevitable. Sometimes it is hard for motorboat operator to find time for regular checkups and maintenance, the reason why sometimes a boat may fail to operate in the middle of the sea, ocean or a lake. Without boat repair specialist who can spring up to respond to such emergencies, it means doom or havoc to the onboard and the crew. Luckily some guys specialise in board maintenance and can respond to any situations whether afloat or ashore needs no matter what the time of day it is. But they offer these services at an affordable fee.

How to do maintenance on your boat

1. Wash the body regularly

Suppose your boat operates in salt water which is the case for many boats, it needs thorough washing with fresh water and detergent to wipe out salt residue to prevent your boat from rust. You will find boat cleaning detergents and sprayers from the relevant shops. They will do you good by protecting your boats finishing.

2. Change your boat engine oil regularly

For the case of engine oil, it is important to change the oil after stipulated mileage covered by your board. This will take care of your engine so that it can last for a long time before major services and repairs. The rule of thumb that takes the toll here is to change the oil after every one hundred hours of operation or at least change the oil once a year. It is favourable if you can monitor the mileage covered by the boat before changing the oil.

3. Check the propellers

Before you swing into action every day, ensure to check the propellers if they are still in shape, if there are any bent, make sure to align them in position. This is an exercise you should do daily before riding the boat. Make sure the discarded fishing line is not wrapped around the propeller shaft, it this has happened, consult the service engineer because that is not a DIY thing.

4. Grease propeller shaft regularly

Greasing your propeller shaft will reduce wear and tear and tighten it off to the manufacturer’s standards; you can add a new cotter pin for boats with an outboard.


What to do before purchasing a second-hand boat

Before deciding to buy a second-hand boat, you need to seek consultation from a qualified motorboat servicing engineer. He will be handy in determining the price by first pinpointing the major repairs the boat requires so that they can be factored in when giving a quote. It will be better if the owner of the boat agrees to do those major repairs themselves and if not, make sure to the fact in the cost of doing those repairs when you offer your first quote.

After agreeing on the price, you need to take a sea test on the boat with your motorboat servicing engineer, and something else might come up, you never know. Then after that, perform an overhaul servicing of the boat to be sure about the boat’s safety.


Maintaining a boat is no easy feat and it is not meant to be a DIY project. Pro Yacht offer boat servicing in Gold Coast. Give them a call so that a professional can keep your boat in top shape.




Marinas in the Gold Coast


The Gold Coast is home to numerous luxury marinas. It is an attractive destination for people travelling in boats, and it also serves as an exciting and enticing stopover location. These marinas are well developed and highly equipped; you get to experience the latest forms of technology for both you and your boat.


Services Provided

Some of the services you are set to receive include storage for your boat with CCTV monitoring and 24/7 surveillance for the protection of your assets. A security team will be in charge of ensuring your boat is in top shape, and no one interferes with it.

You also get to experience stellar accommodation facilities which have dining areas. There is a wide array of bars, restaurants and lounges where you get to wine and dine with other boat owners as you reminisce over the state of water transport.

For those who are travelling from different countries, the marina support staff are ready and willing to provide assistance and guidance with immigration and clearance issues. You also get complimentary WIFI connections you enjoy the cuisines offered in marina cafes.

The staff in marinas are knowledgeable about issues of boats and their maintenance. They are willing to either answer any questions you have or direct you to someone who can help. Using marina’s in the Gold Coast will assure you of friendly and dedicated staff who are reliable.

Marinas are a fast-growing industry in the Gold Coast. This has led to an increase in the number of people who visit and dock their boats. It is thus essential to address the value of environmental protection in maintaining the performance of marinas.

Environmental Protection Policies

Due to the importance of the marinas to the people of the Gold Coast, some laws and policies govern how people conduct themselves in these areas. In most marinas, you will get to fuel your boat on the water. If this is done incorrectly, it could lead to spillage.

The governing bodies have set in place repercussions for oil, fuel and chemical spillage. Some of the other critical areas according to environmental performance and compliance are the disposal of sewage into the water and the use of toxic and hazardous materials.

They also assess the damages caused by each business that is set in the Gold Coast marinas and determines whether it is a threat to the environmental maintenance efforts.

The primary reason why these policies are essential is not only because they create a pathway to the conservation of the environment but also because they work to maintain the productivity of marina businesses.

By enhancing the image of marinas and improving the appearance, more people get to choose them as cruising destinations and stops. Observing the stipulated guidelines works for both the law and the marina businesses.

It also ensures that there is minimal collision with the law which could hurt the performance of the businesses. Other than dictate policies, governing bodies also give licenses and regulate the use of marinas.


Where is the Gold Coast Marina that works best for you? Do your research and select the one that best fits your boating needs. Some factors you need to consider before settling on one are the duration and expenses. The destination is beautiful, luxurious and desirable.



GMDSS Information- What You Need to Know

The Global maritime distress and safety system compromises of safety procedures, equipment and a set of communication protocols which makes it easier to rescue boats, ships and other air crafts in distress.

Though the system consists of many new operations there are some old operations as well which have been in use since many years. These systems play the following roles, which include

  • Giving alerts about the ship or boat in distress and determining its position and state at that current time
  • Carrying out searches and carrying out coordination’s
  • Broadcasting the maritime safety information
  • Carrying out general and bridge to bridge communications

History of GMDSS

Since the time the radio has been invented during the nineteenth century, ships have relied on radio technology to give out alerts. When the Titanic sank in 1912, it was realized that an advanced radio communication system would be required to carry out immediate help in time of distress. The Morse code radiograph equipment is sued to send out distress calls. However, the signals which the code carries is limited.

Then came the radio telegrams or radio telex which offered more broad range signal. During the 1980’s there was a boom in the use of satellite services. The Internet Maritime Organization is a United Nations agency which specializes in ship safety and preventing any sort of risks.

What kind of equipment are used for GMDSS

The following are the few equipment used for GMDSS

Emergency position indicating, radio beacon

The United States, Russia, France and Canada worked together to jointly create the Emergency position indicating radio beacon. It is now necessary for al ships to carry this equipment. This help alert the rescues systems almost anywhere in the world.


Navtex is responsible for distributing maritime safety information. It issues navigation information and issues safety warnings to ships around the world. A small, self-contained radio can easily read signals issued by the stations spread around the world. Navtex receivers are now considered a necessity recreational vessels. This is because they can help ships identify any potential risk which they might face. The Navtex signals can help identify the following

  • Warnings regarding storms at sea
  • Ice warnings
  • Weather forecast
  • Gale warnings
  • Distress messages

The national weather service prepares a long list of daily forecasts for the GMDSS to b broadcasted y the Navtex.


The safetyNET is an international system which promulgates weather forecasts and marine navigational warnings. These broadcasts can be received free of cost. The national weather service always ensures warnings are issued for broadcast for at least three different ocean areas four times a day. This may include a list of warnings, distress signals and hurricane warnings. These marine forecast rely on the voluntary observing ship program.

All the above mentioned are only few of the GMDSS equipment. These are helpful for all kinds of vessel at the sea. In fact recreational vessels would benefit from installing at least one of these systems.