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Causes of White Smoke From Engine


Whenever your car may be having a problem, especially on the engine it will be easier to note since the smoke will turn into specific colours like white. However, the type of colour the engine produces is determined by the extent to which the engine has been damaged. The white smoke is that issue that is released by releases smoke that is white through the exhaust pipe. The smoke is brought about by the condensation, which might have occurred in the inside of the exhaust system of your car. The white smoke can be thin, just like vapour or even thick. If the smoke is thicker, it comes from the faulty that is in the coolant of the engine. This could also result in more severe problems like cracked engine block, blown head gasket, and damaged cylinder head. When your car gets such a serious problem, it is always costly to repair. The following are the cause of whiter smoke from the engine:

  • Leaking coolants
  • Failing serpentine belt
  • Overheating coolant
  • Having a bad valve cover
  • Leaking oil



Leaking Coolant

In case you see your car producing white smoke from the engine, one of the primary reasons is that coolant is leaking. When you are driving your vehicle, and the coolant gets heated up, it will produce the white smoke as a result of the heating the coolant begins to leak and whatever it leaks is the white smoke. In other cases, when your vehicle lacks a coolant, it heats up and ends up producing the white smoke. It is essential that any time that you are about to travel to open the hood and check whether the coolant is leaking so that you can fix it to avoid white smoke from the engine.


Overheating coolant

In case your car is under high temperatures, the coolant will begin overheating due to the high temperatures. When the car overheats, it will start pushing out the coolant out of the coolant reservoir. Once the coolant gets in contact with the hot parts, it will condense immediately, and then white smoke will be produced. The white smoke will later be released from the engine avoid such cases; you must manage the temperature conditions in the temperature gauge to prevent the coolant from overheating.


Tailing serpentine belt

In all the times the serpentine belt should be in the right condition. If the serpentine belt is failing, the engine bay will be full of white smoke. Apart from the smoke, there will be a smell from the burning rubber. Always ensure that your serpentine belt is tightened is the right manner to prevent white smoke coming from engine.


Having a bad valve cover

When you have a bad valve cover, the oil in the engine will begin to leak. The leakage from the engine will reach the exhaust manifold, and the oil leakage will begin to burn. When the oil leakage in the engine manifold is burnt, the engine releases a strong smell and white smoke. It is necessary if you check whether the valve cover is in the right condition.




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