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Electrical services offered by electrician North Lakes


Minor electrical replacements and repairs are often handled by homeowners. However, fixing electrical issues without professional help can be scary. While hiring the services of a professional electrician can financially set you back, it is worth the expense.

There are two services that electrician North Lakes cover, to include residential and commercial electrical services.


Residential electrical services


Homes have different electrical needs from commercial businesses or offices. The residential electrical services covered by various electric companies include:

  • Under-tile heating
  • Lighting supply and design services
  • Air conditioning supply, design, and installation
  • Home automation
  • Lighting audits
  • Multi-room and home theatre audio
  • CCTV, alarms, security, and video intercoms
  • Solar power and energy efficiency


Commercial electrical services


Businesses have far different electrical needs compared to homes. Electrical companies offer the following commercial electrical services, to include:

  • Machinery and Motors including Automation and Control
  • Visual and Audio Communication and Data
  • Scheduled and Preventative Installations and Maintenance
  • Hazardous Locations, DIP or Dust and Ignition Proof
  • Switchboard Identification, Labelling, and Circuit Tracing
  • Repairs, Emergency Service, and Fault Finding
  • General Lighting, Lighting Design, Emergency, and Exit
  • Lighting Protection, Energy Efficiency, Surge, Solar


Electrical inspection services


New homeowners can opt for electrical inspection services before living in their new homes. This is to ensure that a thorough inspection of the home’s entire electrical system meets the legal safety standards. A complete electrical inspection is also for the peace of mind of the new homeowners.

A complete inspection report is provided to the new homeowner by the electrician after the inspection has been done. The report contains immediate attention plans for dangerous areas, potential upgrades, and recommendations for improvements.

An electrical inspection has to be made when:

  • A homeowner made a recent major home renovation
  • Purchasing a new home
  • Purchasing a new home appliance
  • A home is already 40 years old or older

An electrical inspector will:

  • Advice on ways to save energy or reduce energy consumption
  • Make sure about the electrical safety of the home
  • Point out and recommend changes to correct electrical connections
  • Recognise outdated and faulty wiring
  • Identify components and electrical wirings that need to be updated
  • Spot fire hazards
  • Recommends electrical upgrades


Electrical emergencies that need a professional electrician


When the electrical system fails in the home, it’s not a DIY job for a homeowner. A professional electrician is the best person to call when this happens. Safety is paramount rather than thinking of the cost.

Electrical emergencies include:

  • Sudden power outage only in the home
  • An overloaded outlet emitting sparks or smoke
  • Wire corrosion and damage
  • Electrical Fires
  • Cooling/heating systems that are not working
  • Light switches or electrical outlets that are not working
  • Breakers that are always tripping
  • Flickering lights

It cannot be stressed enough that the electrical system of a home is not a DIY project. The financial setback of hiring the services of a professional electrician is temporary. The safety of the entire household far outweighs the cost.

Hiring professional electrical contractors can actually save you money. A professional electrician can provide energy conservation tips that can spell savings on your utility bills.

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