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Gold Coast Mobile Auto Electrician


Protecting Your Car

Is it time to take your car in for a checkup? As a reliable means of transportation, your vehicle is important to you and your family and deserves quality attention. Whether you are experiencing difficulties with a vehicle or simply interested in preserving its long-term ability to operate, Gold Coast mobile auto electricians provide a variety of services that will help you maximise its use.

What’s in an Electrical System?

A car’s electrical system has three main components: the battery, the alternator, and the starter. The battery provides the initial electrical current to the rest of the system, the starter uses this current to start the engine, and the alternator continues the current’s circulation while running. While these are its largest mechanisms, the electrical system directly affects any part of the car that runs on electric power: The air conditioning, radio, and electric windows are a few examples. The top Gold Coast auto electricians can service any and all of a vehicle’s electrical system components and provide solutions to a variety of issues. Four of the most common are listed below:

Dead Battery

One of the most common issues with a car’s electrical system, a dead battery is easily identified by a car’s inability to start. Another common indicator is if a “clicking” noise is the only occurrence when the key is turned in the ignition. At this time, an electrician may recommend charging or replacing the battery as necessary.

Dim Lights

If your car’s internal or external lights, such as dome lights, headlights, or turn signals, are dimmer than usual when the vehicle is operating, this may be a sign of electrical issues. These problems can also be traced to a malfunctioning battery, but loose wires or alternator errors can play a role as well. A Gold Coast mobile auto electrician may recommend a thorough examination of the vehicle’s electrical system to avoid a misdiagnosis.

Hot Plastic Odour

If you notice while driving that your car smells of hot plastic, this is a job for a Gold Coast electrician! This unusual and pungent scent may indicate a faulty electrical system. In many cases, the smell is caused by broken circuitry. Known as a short circuit, the broken wire may overheat rapidly and melt the surrounding insulation. Because this can lead to combustion and car fires, it is important to have this symptom evaluated as soon as possible.

Faulty Radio

If a radio or any other car fixture reliant on electrical power has trouble functioning or ceases to work altogether, bring it in for an inspection. It may be the result of a blown fuse or of a larger issue with the alternator. A Gold Coast electrician can evaluate the problem and determine the most likely cause.

Further Services

Depending on the company, Gold Coast mobile auto electricians may offer other extensive services for older and modern cars alike. Owners of vehicles powered by solar energy will find ready assistance, as well as drivers with electrical braking mechanisms. If you are interested in making modifications to your current ride, Gold Coast electricians can supply and install LED lights to the interior or exterior in accordance with legal parameters for vehicle lighting. Regardless of your need, they will help you bring your car up to necessary safety requirements.

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