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Melbourne Mini Excavation


What is a mini excavator?

A mini excavator is a construction machine or vehicle used to dig earth or move large objects. A mini excavator is made up of two main parts; the driving base and the powerful boom arm designed to dig up the earth or move heavy objects. The machine operator sits inside a small cab on the base and controls the boom arm movement. A mini excavator base sits on two tracks attached which operate as wheels do. The track provides articulate mobility to the system unit and provides a larger surface area which promotes stability to the whole vehicle. Sitting on top of the base is a platform that makes 180 to 360 degrees. Inside the cab unit, there are two sets of controls with one moving the actual system unit forward and backward, while the other set moves the horizontal plan and control the arm, they also determine the angle and speed of the bucket and the arm along the vertical axis. ABC Mini Excavations in Melbourne provides mini excavators for use in digging jobs in tight spaces.


Uses of a mini excavator

  • Excavating and land leveling up services, if you are building on uneven or rugged terrain, it is wise to level up land to form a flat ground using a mini excavator
  • Mini excavators are used to performing a split level excavation
  • Removal of tree stumps from the fields before cultivating using digging tractors, or any other form of cultivating the land
  • Digging of trenches for plumbing or underground electrical lines
  • Pools and spa digging and excavation
  • Electric poles holes drilling
  • Buildings demolition works on a small scale or a few storeys building demolitions
  • Wall retaining construction works
  • Rubbish and waste material removal works
  • Road construction work
  • The bucket can be interchanged with hammer nail to break hard and heavy rocks


Which is the best: buy or hire a mini excavator?

An excavator performs a range of construction works for you. They perform works that could otherwise take ages if manpower were to be used. It does the job efficiently and effectively. Before deciding on whether to buy or rent a mini excavator, the amount of work should be analysed and used to reach the final decision.  For a small company, it is wise to hire a mini excavator to avoid excessive overhead costs. Hiring the mini excavator from the same company for a long time will lead to discounted hire prices, better though it is when many operation machines are hired from the same company over and over. When the company has accumulated enough profits from its proceeds, it is quite okay if they can give a shot on their own. Having your mini excavator is more profitable compared to hiring. Once you have obtained your mini excavator, enjoy maximum profits because the cost of hiring is eliminated and you can still make profits by leasing it out when you don’t have active contracts.


Prerequisites for a mini excavator operator

All machine operators are required to obtain a machine operator license from a relevant government agency before laying their hands on machinery or equipment. If your operator does not possess an operation license, your construction works risk closure by the health officer, quality assurance officer, or safety inspection officer without notice until you get a fully certified machine operator. Additionally, you risk insurance policies being void and compensation nullified if you are using operators who do not possess certification. Before hiring machine operators, let them produce proper documentation and licenses before handling equipment and machinery.





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