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Survival Craft Radio Equipment

There may come a time at sea when you find yourself in distress. Drastic situations require drastic measures. You might need to abandon your recreational vessel and find yourself in a survival craft. You might imagine there goes your GMDSS equipment as well. Well you need to know, there is equipment specifically designed for being operated in a survival craft as well. This would help other vessels at sea to help you and respond to your distress call.

The following is a low down on search and radar transponders which are used in survival crafts to send distress signals to nearby vessels in case of a critical situation.

Search and Radar Transponders ( SARTS )

  • A search and radar transponder is a self-contained piece of equipment which is portable and buoyant and which can send out signals to nearby vessels in case of an emergency.
  • It can operate with ease in 9 GHz frequency band. It responds to signals in the form of a series of small dots on the radar system which can later turn into smaller orbits once help starts approaching.
  • Though these are especially designed to be used in life boats or survival crafts but can be used in boats as well as in the water as well
  • These are equipped with batteries which can be operated for at least ninety six hours
  • When the SART is activated it starts by responding to a radar interrogation by initiating a swept frequency signal.
  • There are around twelve dots which extend from its actual position to its line of bearing
  • There is a distance of 0.6 miles during each spacing of the dots
  • Once a reaching vessel is about to approach the SART, the display changes into a series of wide arcs, which later on develop into full circles.
  • There is sometimes a slight positional error caused by the SART. It also provides audible and visual indication to the user when there is an interrogation by a searching radar system
  • The range of a SART is directly proportional to its position above water
  • A SART which is position at least one meter above the water can be detected at almost a five mile radius.

Having a SART device is a necessity for all commercial and larger vessels but at the same time it should be considered a necessity for recreational vessels as well. Having it ensures that in case of an emergency you are covered.

Just make sure of the following

  • When purchasing a SART device make sure that you buy it from a renowned dealer.
  • Always be willing to pay a little extra and not compromise on the quality of the product you buy.
  • Also make sure that you know exactly how to use the device in case the need arises. Most people fumble and panic during critical situations. Having previous know how on how to manage the device can make it easier to keep your cool during emergency